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Regarding Levi’s oversized jacket. Read somewhere it’s said it’s not even his. Be it just a rumor or actual Isayama’s words, was enough to trigger this xD
Eren’s only sharp when’s it’s inconvenient :_D


Regarding Levi’s oversized jacket. Read somewhere it’s said it’s not even his. Be it just a rumor or actual Isayama’s words, was enough to trigger this xD

Eren’s only sharp when’s it’s inconvenient :_D

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Rin x Haru kissing entry (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

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"Laundry Day"

CN bumper circa 2004, produced by Animal Logic.

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A Sister More Like Me

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I drew these for a friend’s birthday based on the free! bookmarks I did a couple of weeks ago~ Do you have any idea how satisfying it feels drawing them in coats?? I could have drawn them half naked and it would have felt the same.

Many thanks to chordlace for giving me the idea ^^

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Spin-off Spoilers

For those wondering~ <3

Page 1: “There was one more—” [He uses the counter for small animals here (what you would use to count dogs, for example), presumably referring to Erwin and Mike. Rude, Levi.]

Page 2: “Your face says you’re wondering about how you can kill us and escape, right?”

"If possible, I don’t want to use violence, but…" [[Queue hairgrab and facesmash courtesy of Mike]]

Page 3: “Levi.”

"Why don’t we make a deal?"

Page 4: “eventually, immigration was suspended/stopped. The abandoned buildings left behind became the residences of poor needy families and criminals.”

"The depths (?) that had turned into slums were abandoned/given up on by the monarchy."

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*rolls onto your blog* Answer with ten facts about yourself, then pass it on to your ten favourite followers! ♡ *rolls away again*

derp wow i am forever late but ok

1) I want to dye my hair silver or steel-blue one day, but I’m afraid of several outcomes/consequences: a. it’ll ruin my hair b/c i have particularly thin, delicate hair; b. it won’t be the right shade b/c oh my gawd, i have heard how difficult it is to get a light shade on dark hair and i have the asian dark-brown/black; c. i’m not sure i could manage all the up-keep involved with keeping that shade; d. I WANT A JOB THO, BUT I AM HOPING THEY WILL IGNORE MY HAIR MAYBE OR THAT I CAN GET A JOB WHERE THEY WON’T GIVE A FUCK B/C THAT’S SO LAST DECADE idk i can hope.

2) I used to buy 2-liter bottles of Japanese tea and name them. On the car ride home, I’d strap them into the seat with the seatbelt next to me. I forget all the names I used, but I distinctly remember ‘Elliot’ being one of them. My bottles of tea stayed in my room with me. I protected them with my life.

3) Back when I used to do text-based RP, I played a range of characters. The character that came easiest to me and the one I felt matched my mindset and personality most closely was Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Too bad I had to drop RP because of school before I was able to really get into it. I had so many plans for him, too. :c

4) Related to #3, the application I wrote for Kurama was 15.5k words long and something like 25 pages in Word. I was p dedicated.

5) I didn’t really get into what I call ‘true gaming’ until I got out of high school. This was because I stopped having to hide what I was doing on my comp from Mom and also because I started getting funds of my own to manage my shit with. Steam is a godsend and I don’t know how I survived without it for so long. I need to catch the fuck up in console gaming b/c I am so sadly behind and I need it.

6) More RP funtiems. Back then, I had one Skype partner I RP’d with that I met on an online, real-time drawing site. He was gay irl and let me top in our RPs. I uh…. really enjoyed it…. not particularly because of any sexual/romantic aspects, but the fact that I was allowed to ‘lead’ the relationship and play the ‘dominant’ role, and just jkalsjlh that’s so cool ok. (I’m a secret dom or something. But asexual. It’s weird.)

7) When finding chopsticks to use at home, I will throw a fit if there are matching pairs and people are using unmatching ones. Just. No. Plz. D:

8) Nautilus in League of Legends terrified me for the longest of times because his damn attack reminded me of Pyramid Head. THAT SLOW SWING. THE RUSTY METAL. I CAN’T. TERRIFYING. GET AWAY FROM ME. (i’m sure i’m the only one and it’s dumb i know)

9) I am so ok with crossdressing. so ok with it. there should be more of it. always. everyone is gorgeous in everything, plz.

10) When I ship, I tend to ship the opposite order from what fandom prefers. Idk. Obviously, it depends on the fandom and depends on people, but that’s just what I’ve felt. Ever had that moment where you like a pairing, but almost all the material out there for them is in the WRONG ORDER? Yeah, that’s me. All my sadness. I also wonder why I can’t just ship both ways for everyone. Doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of pairings where I ship switches, but even with pairings that I would believe are switches, I still tend to prefer one way. 

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